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Twitter For Business Why pay for a Tweet when you can email them directly?

How NOT to use Twitter for Business, an Introductory Guide

Twitter advertising: does it actually work?

There isn’t a single marketing expert or comunity manager who will tell your company not to have a strong presence in social networks. With Facebook and Twitter being by far the most popular networks for companies to contact their audiences and get new clients, any big firm, brand or business is represented there. Social networks allow businesses to contact thousands, millions of people with practically no effort at all, and in a matter of milliseconds.

However, companies must play smart so they’re not fooled by social networks. After all, what is behind Facebook, Twitter and other sites of the like are, in fact, companies. Marketing experts are the first ones who should know when they are being targeted by other marketing experts. As in virtually any huge product - or, in this case, service - that someone else is trying to sell you, the marketing tools of social networks are not designed for you to make the most of them - they are designed for them to make the most of you.

Companies themselves should be aware of the tricks other companies try to use on them, and be a step ahead. In the particular case of Twitter, this website offers the possibility to advertise - and, of course, charge for it - claiming that it’s a great way to reach millions of people with an effective message. Twitter is being promoted for companies as a powerful tool to find new clients and keep contact with them. However, if you’ve ever seen a Twitter feed - and sure you have - you can see the problem with that. Tweets are so short and constrained that there is little anyone can convey with one or two of them. The Twitter Feed is constantly moving down while new information constantly replaces the old one, so the combination of short message with short time span means that your tweet will be forgotten in a fraction of a second. Would you actually pay to get that kind of advertising?

Bypassing Twitter

How NOT to waste money on Twitter advertising should have been clear by this point. However, something else should be very clear as well: Twitter is an amazing tool for businesses, just not in the way people think it is - and Twitter itself wants you to think it is because that is how its business is structured. You just have to outsmart this social network, see what is of worth in it, use it for your advantage, and avoid paying Twitter a single penny for it - rather, pay some other company that will do something more useful for you.

So what’s the trick? How can Twitter be actually useful for you? If its structure makes your attempts to contact your audience so constrained and useless, what good can it do for your business? The answer is very simple: Twitter has a lot of information in its database. Companies and potential customers load their info to their profiles and even add their websites and contact data. All of that is stored in Twitter’s servers, and any company is one hack away from all of that information. Imagine the long list of contacts that you could generate from that.

Of course, Twitter itself won’t allow you to access that information as a bulk. It’s no good for their business, because it would mean that you no longer need to pay them to advertise - you can just contact your potential, highly optimized, targeted, customers by yourself. And that’s the smart way to use Twitter for business.

Get thousands of potential customers

Intelligent companies know what’s the best way to use Twitter for their own interests. The trick is simple: find a company that will hack Twitter for you. It’s child’s play for them to scrape Twitter to generate a huge contact list for your company. A little crawling here and there is enough to create a highly targeted database of possible clients. From there, the method is very simple. Some programs can automatically contact those potential customers via e-mail or fill their website’s contact forms with relevant information. In a matter of days, you will see your mailbox flooding with responses that can make your business grow.

Only the smarter ones survive in this savage jungle that is the market. As a company, you should know other companies’ tricks and not fall for them. Use Twitter for your own advantage, but not the way they want you to. After all, if you’re a client of Twitter, your actual personal benefit matters as much to Twitter as the actual personal benefit of your clients matter to you.

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Mike White

" As a new beta tester I found this unlike any other tools avaliable out there for marketing via Twitter. I have been able to reach out and connect with all the movers and shakers in my industry via my own bespoke email messages and have built some fantastic new business relationships as a resut. "

Jason C

" I have used this to target the health spa, hair salons, hair dressing sectors, I was given 16 thousand business contacts (email addresses) who were completly relevant to my criteria and along with the bespoke email software they gave me it was extreemly easy to reach out to them, it also managed opt outs and even told me which ones opened and read my messages. As a result I have now over 100 new businesses that have signed up to my service. Impressed...  "