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About Us Why pay for a Tweet when you can email them directly?

We are the founders of: - Est. 2012 - Est. 2011 - Est. 2005

The Link Auditors

When Google openly announced that bad backlinks can harm websites positions in Google, we took the existing tools from our SEO business (listed below) and made them all available to the public.

Potent Links

Potent Links is a little sister company to, she is almost identical to her bigger brother, apart from its UK based, currency is GBP and PayPal only.

Search Engine Optimisation Software

This is totally private service. The God farther of SEO & Link building.

"It's like fight club" - Steve tells it's members.

Steve designed and built this underground private club, so that clients can log in and build the best quality and most powerful links to only the most trusted websites. No PayPal. Visa only.

Twitter For Business

Twitter For Business was basically born from The Link Auditors "Automated Link Removal Tools", the tools have been tweaked and edited specifically for TFB. To take twitter profiles and turn them into email lists.

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Mike White

" As a new beta tester I found this unlike any other tools avaliable out there for marketing via Twitter. I have been able to reach out and connect with all the movers and shakers in my industry via my own bespoke email messages and have built some fantastic new business relationships as a resut. "

Jason C

" I have used this to target the health spa, hair salons, hair dressing sectors, I was given 16 thousand business contacts (email addresses) who were completly relevant to my criteria and along with the bespoke email software they gave me it was extreemly easy to reach out to them, it also managed opt outs and even told me which ones opened and read my messages. As a result I have now over 100 new businesses that have signed up to my service. Impressed...  "