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Twitter For Business Why pay for a Tweet when you can email them directly?

Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing is like no other form of advertising, it is highly effective and immediate, the key is reaching the right people! Thus the hard part is getting good email data and finding the most relevant people in your sector. Targeting old email lists or non relevant companies is akin to SPAM and does not work nearly as effective as when the email list is FRESH and highly relevant.

Combine Twitter User Data With Email Marketing!

We have found that nearly every company has a Twitter profile, but unfortunatly you cannot filter out the ones relevant to you and easily send them an email, that is the killer product that would be the most effective marketing campaign in the world! The problem is Twitter does not work like that, Twitter want’s eveyone to Tweet and communicate using their platform and ideally pay them to ’advertise’ to users when they have no direct connection. Now that might be a great business for Twitter but it does nothing to enhance your bottom line.

ByPass the Twitter Payment Gateway!

What we have developed is a system to scrape Twitter user profile data,  then locate the most relevant users who have websites, then we scrape the websites and confirm they are completly relevant to our clients, then we locate any email addesses and contact froms on the websites, then we compile all that data and provide our clients with email software to eaisly send messages directly to those users email box. Our email software handles all the tedious tasks likes opt-outs, showing who read the messages and is as easy to use as uploading a folder on your computer.

How It Works

Simply provide us a list of keywords that are relevant for your sector, we will give you back the most relevent, and fresh email contact list you have ever seen, along with the software all bundled so that you can simply send them all an email as many times as you like. Providing you send a good email message that is ontopic, well-written and relevant then it is unlikly you will have any problems with SPAM complaints etc. In our expeience people like new contacts that offer them relevant information or services, providing it is done with elegance and that they can easily opt out if they don’t find it useful.


Retargeting is the method of reminding your target audience after they have already been exposed to your brand, you will always find that your business or service may well be interesting to your target clients but not right at that time when you first engage, hence the power of retargeting, by gently reminding your client base that you exist and have the best product or service for them when they need it. Not only is all of this is possible with email marketing but it is essentially FREE.

For only $459 (£319) we will HARVEST all the user data there is listed in Twitter then we will filter that out ensuring only relevant companies are included in the list and then find all emails associated with those websites and give you the email list and email software so that you can begin to engage with a highly targeted list of NEW potential clients.

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Mike White

" As a new beta tester I found this unlike any other tools avaliable out there for marketing via Twitter. I have been able to reach out and connect with all the movers and shakers in my industry via my own bespoke email messages and have built some fantastic new business relationships as a resut. "

Jason C

" I have used this to target the health spa, hair salons, hair dressing sectors, I was given 16 thousand business contacts (email addresses) who were completly relevant to my criteria and along with the bespoke email software they gave me it was extreemly easy to reach out to them, it also managed opt outs and even told me which ones opened and read my messages. As a result I have now over 100 new businesses that have signed up to my service. Impressed...  "